co-created by freelancers, for freelancers to dream, experiment, and evolve a new way to live, work and be free.

Over half of the US labor force will be freelancing by 2027 per current estimates.

And as a freelancer, you are the instrument of your work! The potential to live more freely and sustainably lies in tuning and aligning the whole ecosystem of you! Imagine greater harmony across Your Work – Mind – Body – Spirit. Imagine being free.

We are a business and community grounded in abundant and human-centered values, and dedicated to addressing the needs of the individual freelancer in a way that is holistic and sustainable for you. b*free offers a live CORE 5-week learning experience, 1:1 and group coaching, and community supports that address the practical needs of the individual freelancer through connections to people and work opportunities, events, workshops, and online resources. We work with aspiring, new, and established freelancers. Each of our experiences integrates a focus on developing your business, your self, and your health + wellness.

Evolution of a Freelance Journey

b*free also works with entrepreneurs + organizations. Why? The evolution of a freelancer’s journey often involves a natural progression from freelancing to entrepreneurship.

For startups/entrepreneurs, established freelancers, and organizations, b*free for orgs provides tailored services to help evolve the way you work for individual and collective wellbeing, freedom, and sustainability.


You are Free.  You are Gifted. You are Equal. You are In Power.  You are Grounded.