b*free for orgs


What We Do

b*free for orgs helps mission-driven leaders and organizations co-create solutions to business + organizational challenges with a focus on sustainability, well-being, and freedom for the org as a whole and the individuals who comprise them.

Our unique holistic services, which address the ecosystem of mind-body-spirit @ work, include leadership coaching, retreat and workshop facilitation and the design of transformative learning experiences for leaders and teams. We’re highly collaborative, we listen, and we work with you to co-create the solutions that fit you best.

Our clients include national non-profits to mission-driven small business clients who began working with us as freelancers and have continued to work with us as they evolve and scale their work as entrepreneurs.


We love taking the longview and evolving with our clients.


Why b*free for orgs

50% of the US labor force is slated to be freelancing by 2027. Why are people leaving the organizations and institutions that comprise the world of work en masse?

b*free for orgs is our response to the undeniable need to evolve the way organizations work.

Our research and practice with freelancers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations informs our vision for the evolution in organizational identity, culture and leadership practice that is possible, and for how we can re-create the Workplace as Healing Space.

How do you value the wellbeing of the organization as a whole while valuing each individual who comprises it?

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