Sharon Ruedeman - Video Editor / Producer

*wellness breathwork + yoga

Sharon Ruedeman is an independent, award-winning filmmaker, a video editor extraordinaire, and a truth teller at heart. Her favorite types of video projects to work on are the ones that have a real human quality to them, the ones that make you think, smile, laugh or even shed a tear. Sharon has had the amazing opportunity to work for all kinds of brands on all kinds of video projects, from fashion and beauty videos to documentaries and comedy, you name it, from Cosmo to BuzzFeed to the Today Show, she’s done it all.

An interesting aspect of Sharon’s work is that she truly loves helping others tell their story and share their passions and therefore seeks out projects that may have a positive impact on our world, even if it's a small one. Because of her interest in helping others, Sharon is also a Restorative Yoga teacher, a Breathwork Facilitator, a Reiki Practitioner and a Tarot Reader. She believes in the power of healing arts and that everyone has their own individual path and journey to find and follow.

She’s currently combining her love of healing and filmmaking in an independent documentary series called “Wild Women Healers”.



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