Vanessa Chakour



Vanessa Chakour is the Founder of Sacred Warrior whose mission is to deepen relationship with ourselves and the living earth. This concept and method of teaching evolved from her journey of healing and teaching as an herbalist, artist, environmental activist, former pro boxer & trainer. Sacred Warrior works in partnership with wildlife & environmental organizations to provide healing adventures that raise funds and awareness for endangered species that share our ecosystem. Based in Brooklyn NY, Sacred Warrior offers Rewilding Retreats, Herbalism Courses and Training programs in New York, Scotland and in Costa Rica. Vanessa recently announced ‘Reclaim The Wild Woman,’ a five-week course launching in Brooklyn this fall. The course is designed to reveal innate strength through the body, the mind, and spirit, while lifting the veil between ourselves and the natural world.

Learn more at sacredwarrior.co
Reclaim The Wild Woman: reclaimthewildwoman.com

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