Jillian Hubbard - Organizational Development Consultant

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Jillian Hubbard has utilized her long-standing passion for organizational development, talent development, and diversity and inclusion to help organizations best achieve their goals. By introducing a fresh perspective and utilizing a collaborative approach, Jillian helps create meaningful change and empowers leaders and staff in the process of achieving their business objectives. Through her work, organizations have been able to implement new programs for clients, execute powerful presentations for adults and students, and create lasting organizational values. 

Jillian has experience working with all levels of an organization, from entry-level professionals to chief executive officers, in corporate, nonprofit, and education-based organizations, allowing her to effectively work in a variety of environments and with a wide range of people. Jillian has worked to improve the organization’s volunteer, internship, and student alumni programs. She has also driven initiatives in recruitment, program management, facilitation, curriculum development, diversity initiatives, diagnostic surveys, and results analysis. Most recently, Jillian has worked with two organizations in the middle of an acquisition to implement sustainable diversity recruitment and retention programs and resources. 

Jillian graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from the George Washington University with a B.A. in Multicultural Studies: Conflict and Cooperation, and is a candidate for a M.S. in Organization Development from American University. Jillian is certified as a life coach with the Integrative Wellness Academy and lives in Washington, DC. 

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