Tabitha St. Bernard Jacobs - Fashion Designer / Co-Founder / Activist

*operations+ marketing +communications/PR

Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs is the co-founder and designer of Tabii Just (tabiijust.com), a line of Zero Waste womenswear clothing and accessories that is made ethically in Brooklyn from deadstock fabric. She is an advocate for fair working conditions for garment workers as well as ethical fashion. Tabitha is also the Youth and Family Coordinator for the Women's March, helping organize the biggest demonstration in response to an election in U.S. history. As a freelancer, she works with Looker Lab on social media management and marketing strategy. She has been maintaining a flexible working schedule for the past seven years, enabling her to pursue opportunities and be a present mother to her toddler. Tabitha joined the b*free team because of its ethos concerning freedom in one's career and the delicate but ever-evolving balance between work and life. In her spare time, Tabitha blogs about her multi-racial, multi-faith family on currybagel.com. 

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