Jennifer Lishansky - Meditation Teacher

*meditation, wellness + curriculum content

Jenn Lishansky has been teaching meditation for 15+ years. She got her start as an early adolescent, leading monthly meditation programs for families, and has been teaching ever since. Throughout her career, Jenn has traveled the world studying various forms of meditation and learning from experts.

Jenn teaches meditation and mindfulness with a focus on helping individuals build a long-term practice. She has taught at organizations throughout New York City including Columbia University, Facebook, the NASDAQ, Stubhub, Michael Kors, WeWork Coworking, Journey Meditation, and Be Social Change.

When she is not teaching, Jenn works for an international organization that teaches meditation around the world. Jenn has also worked as a Manager for buildOn, a non-profit that partners with communities around the globe to help them build their first schools, as well as Seeds of Peace, a leadership development organization for young people from conflict regions. Jenn has also worked for Global Youth Leadership Institute, facilitating exchange programs for young people from Iraq and mindful leadership trainings for teenagers in the United States. Throughout her nonprofit career and volunteer work, she has also developed curricula and lesson plans for teaching human rights, civic engagement, literacy, and leadership.

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